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MarineBio Kids

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Cool sites, games and puzzles online... most involve Marine Biology but some are simply fun. Send us your suggestions today! Enjoy!

neoK12: Marine Animals - Educational Videos, Quizzes and Games for Kids in Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High Schools

All About the Oceans and the Seas -
Enchanted Learning produces children's educational web sites and games which are designed to capture the imagination while maximizing creativity, learning, and enjoyment.

Archimedes' Laboratory
Site is full of lateral and logical puzzles as well as some quizzes. Once you have started you will want to do all the puzzles....

BBC - Nature - Blue Planet Challenge
Your challenge is to explore as much of the ocean as possible, without losing any of your five lives. Are you ready to take the plunge?

The Web site that teaches biology fundamentals to children and adults!

Biology Quiz Activities & Games (11 Years or Older)

Dive and Discover is an interactive distance learning Web site by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution designed to immerse you in the excitement of discovery and exploration of the deep seafloor. Dive and Discover brings you right on board a series of research cruises to the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and gives you access to the latest oceanographic and deep submergence research as it happens!

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Student Center
Here, students in middle and high school can explore a wide range of environmental issues. Need help with your homework? Need an idea for an environmental club project?

EPA Climate Change Kids Page
The kids page focuses on the science and impacts of global warming or climate change, and on actions that help address climate change issues. It is designed as a resource for both kids and educators. The site also features games, events, and links to other relevant sites for kids and educators.

Fact Monster - Games and Quizzes
Arcade style, educational games and teaching tools for kids and teachers. Pop culture quizzes and crosswords. Flash based, interactive math, science, and word games.

Grand Illusions
A site for the enquiring mind. With optical illusions, scientific toys, visual effects, and even a little magic.

Hawaii's ocean animals, dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and fish. Best games, coloring pages, and educational activities...

Kids Against Marine Litter
Find out why marine trash is bad from sources all over the world and see what you can do help.

National Geographic for Kids - Games
The SuperCroc is our favorite...

Ocean kids

NATURE: Puzzles & Fun
There are three-sided animal puzzles, animal scrambles, a race across the Steppes, photo tours (India and a safari), two activities involving Koko the signing gorilla, an opportunity to make insect masks, and more.

Planet Ocean @
Discover what it takes for amazing ocean animals to survive their underwater world...

SCIENCE - A Closer Look: for grades K though 6 - online classroom lessons by McGraw-Hill with fun shows, games, and puzzles. Also covers Math, Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, Health and Music.

Scientific Studies : Terrific Trivia Quiz
Science becomes daily ever more specialized. Once upon a time you could be just a scientist and hope to know everything that was to be known. But now there are literally thousands of differentfields of study.

"Sharks!" wordsearch puzzle by Florida Museum of Natural History
"Inside the Shark" wordsearch puzzle by Florida Museum of Natural History

Simon's Cat
OK, this has very little to do with marine life but Simon's cat is so funny we just had to post it. Enjoy!

>^..^< See more movies starring Simon's cat

Virtual Sailor - The virtual sailing simulator
Very cool, marine life including dolphins and sharks, a submarine and lots more to download once you buy it for $25. A MarineBio favorite!

Whale Songs
Listen to the whale song and identify the whale species.

MarineBio Indonesia Expedition

Join the MarineBio Conservation Society! / NEXT: 101 Ways to Make a Difference »

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