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Coral reefs save billions of dollars worldwide by preventing floods - USA TODAY

Senate passes resolution honoring Coral Reef Task Force -

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Coral Reef News ScienceDaily

Secrets of fish population changes revealed

Algal partner responds to climate-change stresses more strongly than coral host

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Invasive species of coral boasts amazing capacity for regeneration

Study in Fiji finds that removing sea cucumbers spells trouble for shallow coastal waters

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Rise and fall of the Great Barrier Reef

Shedding light on immune response in diseased corals

Opportunity to restore abundance to Hawaiian reef fisheries

Excess nutrients, coupled with climate change, damage the most highly resilient corals

ReefBase ~ News & Updates

Establishing a Region-wide System of MPAs in Coral Triangle region

WorldFish provides overview of Marine Protected Area management in Malaysia

Coral Triangle Atlas October 2012 Training Workshop

Proceedings of the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium, 2012 is now available in ReefBase

Coral Triangle Atlas will be at Cairns 2012

The first Coral Triangle Day, 9 June 2012

SocMonitor's April 2012 newsletter is released

Coral Triangle Atlas Beta Version is launched

The 2nd Coral Reef Management Symposium on Coral Triangle Areas

1st anniversary SocMonitor issue