“After a Summer in 2017 where I spent nearly every single day on the water to only observe a mere 27 Blue Whales, 2018 has been an absolute revelation for me here in San Diego. Over the course of three days, I had nearly 100 incredible Blue Whale sightings! To make things even more special, I personally have confirmed at least 5 different Cow/Calf pairs! A truly staggering number for someone that began his professional whale watching career in Southern California during the “Warm Blob” event. If you’re not sure what that is, just google “warm blob.”

Every single day was a once-in-a-lifetime moment. I lost track of how many times I used the phrase. The animals, especially the calves, showed extraordinary interest in the boat, and often times came literally right up next to me. Considering what has just happened in Iceland, perhaps this video can remind people of the beauty of these animals, and why we must protect them!

All of this footage was taken off the San Diego coast, over a 3 day period in July.

Music: Everdream by Epic Soul Factory

From: DolphinDroneDom