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Building a sustainable and desirable future

Live-streamed and interactive – Gold Coast, Australia

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Please note that to join the conference live you must register on or before 12 June 2021.

The main focus of the Online EcoSummit 2021 will be the co-production of papers and special issues for cooperating Elsevier journals. It will be an opportunity for participants to both present their current work and to formulate and draft new syntheses around the EcoSummit’s themes in collaboration with colleagues from around the world. Life during Covid has increased everyone’s familiarity with online interactions, and Elsevier’s online system will provide a uniquely useful platform for Online EcoSummit 2021.

Working groups will be pre-established that participants can join, and new working groups can be established during the EcoSummit. Participant’s presentations will be pre-recorded for viewing by relevant working groups as background and input to the synthesis.

Plenary talks will be available to set and stage for the working group activities. The editors of the participating Elsevier journals will be on hand to provide advice on papers and special issues.

We expect that the working groups will produce results that can be presented at the live EcoSummit 2022 in Australia. The final result will be a set of documents that outline the vision and path to a better, more sustainable and desirable future for humanity and the rest of nature.

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