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The ocean faces many threats—climate change, pollution, and overfishing among them. But can all of the ocean’s woes be solved with one action—stop eating fish—as the new film Seaspiracy suggests? Within the scientific community, particularly among ocean conservation advocates, the film is largely seen as doing more harm than good—it ignores the inequity in fisheries throughout the world, makes sensational leaps while ignoring complexities and nuance, reinforces stereotypes, and ends with the notion that one action (veganism) will solve all of the ocean’s problems.

On April 8 at 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time (2:30 p.m. Eastern Time), join Hakai Magazine’s editor-in-chief Jude Isabella, science communicator and marine ecologist Josh Silberg, and a panel of experts, including media communications expert Sara Yeo and small-scale fisheries advocate Kimberly Orren, for an online event. The panelists will discuss the film and how the filmmaker’s search for a single villain reduces the social, political, and environmental complexities at play in the world’s fisheries into a simplistic story that’s more sensational than realistic.

Register here to participate on Zoom. Or tune in live, or at your convenience, on YouTube.

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