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The Coral Restoration Consortium are committed to ensuring that everyone has a platform in which to participate and learn. The symposium is exploring options for virtual participation, including options for a mixed virtual/in-person event, as well as an all-virtual format, if necessary.


Interventions and actions necessary to allow coral reefs to thrive into the next century

Reef Futures will be held at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida, USA

The five major themes of Reef Futures 2021 are:

  • Holistic approach to coral reef restoration
  • Approaches to improve the efficiency of reef restoration
  • Ramping up larval propagation to enhance restoration efforts
  • Advancing population-management interventions
  • Building human capacity for expanding the global reach of coral reef restoration efforts

Reef Futures is the only venue that brings together coral restoration practitioners, researchers, students, and resource managers from around the world to share the latest techniques, technologies, and science to dramatically scale-up the impact and reach of coral reef restoration.

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