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– A Conversation –

Alexandra Cousteau President & Co-founder of OCEANS 2050  speaks with Meaghan Brosnan, Director of the WILDAID Marine Program.

Join the Saint Helena Forum for a lively webinar concerning threats to and the decline of our oceans and possible mitigation and restoration.

​The discussion will be chaired by Douglas Barr, President of the Saint Helena Forum

The Webinar is Free, but you must register below to participate.

About the Event
The majority our planet is covered by a vast blue expanse, holding 97% of all our water and 80% of all life forms. The ocean surrounds us and sustains us, providing the oxygen for every second breath we take, food for almost half of humanity, and critical resources for human health, leisure and energy production. And yet this vital resource is gravely threatened by us.

The Forum discussion between Alexandra Cousteau  President & Co-founder of OCEANS 2050  and Meaghan Brosnan, Director of the WILDAID Marine Program will be wide ranging from threats to our oceans and solutions to their decline.  A key topic will concern ocean afforestation and the potential it offers to sequester carbon dioxide, provide habitat for marine life, reverse acidification and hypoxia, support tourism and fishing jobs, enhance coastal climate resilience and restore depleted fish stocks to the abundance we need to feed the world’s growing population.

One of Oceans 2050 primary strategies is to advance the science required to demonstrate sequestration rates for seaweed farms globally and develop a voluntary carbon protocol to allow for the issuance of carbon credits by seaweed farms.

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