A new study has documented unexpected consequences following the decline of great white sharks from a feeding site off South Africa. Researchers found that the disappearance of great whites led to the unique emergence of sevengill sharks, an otherwise kelp-associated apex predator from a different area.

Source: Neil Hammerschlag, Lacey Williams, Monique Fallows, & Chris Fallows. (2019). Disappearance of white sharks leads to the novel emergence of an allopatric apex predator, the sevengill shark. Scientific Reports. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-37576-6

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Script: Neil Hammerschlag and Kjell Redall
Narration: Neil Hammerschlag
Seal, research, white shark footage: Discovery Channel & Jeff Kurr
Sevengill shark footage: Shawn Heinrichs / Blue Sphere Media
Laboratory and fish tank footage: Diana Udel / UM Rosenstiel School
Wolf footage: Duncan Drysdale