Food for thought: can climate change affect wild appetites?

In a recent forum by Youngentob et al. (2021) pose this fascinating question, given that endotherms commonly reduce their voluntary food intake in warm temperatures - could reduced food intake be an overlooked driver of climate change casualties?

Dolphin population uses different whistles to beat noise

A recently recorded population of Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins has been observed using their own distinct whistles which have longer durations, lower frequencies and fewer inflection points. Not only does this suggest they are an independent population but researchers suggest that the specific features of this delphinid language are used to communicate more effectively in the waters around Hainan Island, Zhanjiang, and Sanniang Bay.

Organic Contaminants cross the placental barrier in Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins

A new study by Xiyang Zhanga, Fengping Zhana, Ri-Qing Yu, Xian Sun and Yuping Wu has found that pregnant Indo-pacific humpback dolphins transfer organic contaminants to their unborn offspring. Their investigation found that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) were all found in both the mothers and foetuses.

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Rolling in the Deep – #19 – Solomon Islands

The 'Rolling in the Deep' series takes us to the beautiful reefs of Solomon Islands. This beautiful destination has a little bit for everyone. Reefs, Fish, Critters, Wrecks, and topside cultural experiences. I hope you enjoy the short film. Please comment on what you like, and certainly feel free to share.

THE BANDA ARC, Life in Alor and the Banda Sea (4k)

"WARNING: If you don't like Sharks, Snakes or Tentacles, this film isn't for you :)" Filmed and edited by Marcelo Johan Ogata Gear used: #bugDreamer Another incredible video by the underwater wizard at

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