Food for thought: can climate change affect wild appetites?

In a recent forum by Youngentob et al. (2021) pose this fascinating question, given that endotherms commonly reduce their voluntary food intake in warm temperatures - could reduced food intake be an overlooked driver of climate change casualties?

Seahorses and other Syngnatharia originated in the ancient Tethys Sea

Syngnatharia are a diverse clade of percomorph fishes found throughout tropical and warm-temperate waters with many of its members found in the Indo-Pacific. The group includes: trumpetfishes, goatfishes, dragonets, flying gurnards, seahorses and pipefishes of which seahorses will be immediately familiar to most people. Their wide distribution combined with the long-rang dispersal capabilities of many of its members has made it challenging to pin down where in the world this group of fishes comes from.

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Rolling in the Deep – #19 – Solomon Islands

The 'Rolling in the Deep' series takes us to the beautiful reefs of Solomon Islands. This beautiful destination has a little bit for everyone. Reefs, Fish, Critters, Wrecks, and topside cultural experiences. I hope you enjoy the short film. Please comment on what you like, and certainly feel free to share.

THE BANDA ARC, Life in Alor and the Banda Sea (4k)

"WARNING: If you don't like Sharks, Snakes or Tentacles, this film isn't for you :)" Filmed and edited by Marcelo Johan Ogata Gear used: #bugDreamer Another incredible video by the underwater wizard at

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