MarineBio’s Advisor of Marine Mammals, Erich Hoyt, urges you to watch this powerful video then make your voice heard to stop the IWC.

With a decision on a proposal that will lift the ban on commercial whaling for the next ten years only a few weeks away, and the members of the European Union still struggling to find a common position concerning a practice which is strictly prohibited by law within European Union waters, leading European actor, Mario Adorf has added his voice to the anti-whaling movement by narrating a moving campaign film on behalf of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS).

WDCS has launched ‘Jenny’, a new 90-second short film designed to wake decision makers from their current state of inactivity and to call on the wider public to act against the lifting of the whaling ban when the International Whaling Commission meets to make its decision in Morocco this June.

If you agree that whales should continue to be protected from slaughter and greed, make your voice heard here: